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North Harris Library Archives

Finding Aids and Information for Accessing the Archives at LSC-North Harris Library

Accessing Collections

Viewing of all archival collections are by appointment only. To schedule a visit, please complete the Research Consultation Request Form. Some items may be available online. Check the collection's page for digital links and finding aids.

Preparing for Your Visit

Please make sure to state in the Research Consultation Request Form which collections you would like to view so that we can have them ready for you.

We do not allow permanent marking devices, such as pens, markers, or highlighters, while using materials. Please make sure to bring pencils or a laptop to take notes.

We may ask you to store bags, briefcases, purses, and other types of storage while working with the collection.

You may take pictures or scans of materials, but please refrain from using flash photography. Some collections may have restrictions on how much or what you can or cannot scan or photograph. Collection items may have additional copyright or trademark restrictions. Lone Star College is not responsible for violation of these restrictions.

Are you a professor trying to schedule a visit for a class?

Please contact Billy Hoya (281-618-5494 | or your subject liaison for more information.


The LSC-North Harris Library is selective about the type of donations it will accept. Items must be in good condition and free of mold, and must be related to the history of Lone Star College or the communities it serves. If you are unsure whether your donation would be a good fit for the archives, please contact us. Even if we reject your donation, we may be able to help you find another institution that would accept it.

Before any donation will be received, donors must complete the Lone Star College Foundation Gift in Kind Donation Agreement and the Lone Star College-North Harris Library Donation Information Form.

Transfer of Custody

The archive is happy to accept items from other Lone Star College departments. To transfer items from your department, you must be the officially appointment custodian of the items and have permission to do so. The archive is particularly interested in items of legal significance to Lone Star College, items that relate to accreditation or certification of programs, and items such as photographs that document student life.The archive will not accept items which require special handling, like student records covered by HIPAA or items under a current legal hold.

Before any transferred records or items will be received, their Lone Star College appointed custodian must complete the Lone Star College-North Harris Library Transfer of Custody Form.

Use in Publications

The collections of this archive contain content produced by Lone Star College (internal content) and content produced by entities other than Lone Star College (external content). An example of internal content is the photographs of the Office of Campus Services Collection; these photos were produced as part of the Office of Campus Services mission to promote the college. Other internal content would include reports produced by college committees and newsletters published by departments of the college. An example of external content would be a clipping of an article from the Houston Chronicle.

External content may be used under fair use, but commercial publication requires that you seek permission from the original copyright holder.

Internal content is copyright Lone Star College, all rights reserved. Internal content may be used under fair use, but commercial publication requires completion of a request for publication form and proper citation of the object in the publication. Approval of a request for publication does not clear an object of other legal obstacles to publication such as permission of subjects in the image or other copyright restrictions.

TLDR: If you are a student, it's ok to use the content in these collections in your college report, but if you are publishing these in a commercial medium, such as a book you plan to sell or a commercial website, then you must complete a request for publication.