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Finding Aids and Information for Accessing the Archives at LSC-North Harris Library

About the Artifact Collection

The Audiotape Collection contains a number of oral histories from faculty, staff, and administrators of Lone Star College-North Harris and the Lone Star College System, complied for the 25th Anniversary Celebration.

To view items from this collection, you must make an appointment.

Below is a list of recording found in the Audiotape Collection.

Audiotape Collection Items

Interviewee Date of Interview Transcript Available Notes

 Airola, Dr. Joe  

 2/20/1996 Yes  Former NHC President, First Chancellor,
 First Dean of Instruction.
 Albracht, Ed   3/21/1996  Yes  
 Beckendorf, Elmer   6/5/1996  Yes  
 Bell, Debbi   4/18/1996 Yes  
Bryan, Linda   6/10/1996  Yes  
 Burks, Lester   3/22/1996 Yes

 First NHC Dean of Vocational/Technical
 Education, Founding President of Kingwood

 Carnahan, Francette   4/4/1996  Yes  
 Clark, Gary    [1996] Yes  NHC Dean of Natural Sciences, discussing
 town of Spring, Texas during 1950s.
 Grimes, Rick   3/26/1996  Yes  
 Haberman, Steve   5/4/1996  Yes  
 Hohl, Mrs. Roy  6/8/1996  Yes  
 Kaough, Dr. Joe  4/1/1996 Yes  Theatre
 Kincheloe, Karen   [1996] Yes  NHC Charter Faculty Member, First Public Relations Director
 Kron, Marilyn  8/1/1996 Yes  
 Lazenby, Roy  3/28/1996 Yes  First Director of Student Personnel Services
 Link, Joan  2/20/1996 Yes  Former Secretary to John Winship
 Lloyd, Sandra  3/27/1996  Yes  
 Lovell, Tom  4/1/1996 Yes  Tomball College - Division Head
 Madeley, Hulon  4/4/1996 Yes  Tomball College - Came from North Harris
 McMillian, Dr. Joe  8/28/1996   Yes  NHC Charter Administration, First Division Head of Math, Science, and P.E.
 Panzarella, Louise  5/16/1996 Yes  Original member of Steering Committee
 Pittman, Camille  3/26/1996 Yes  Tomball College
 Richard, Mike  4/12/1996 Yes Tomball College , First Plant Manager
 Stafford, Anna   6/5/1996 No  Lone Star College–Tomball, Cafeteria
 Manager, in first NHC graduating class
 Peyton, Janice  6/11/1996   6/11/1996  No  
 Thorne, W. W.  2/2/1996 Yes  First President of North Harris County
 Upchurch, Lessie  7/2/1996  Yes  
 Wallace, Bruce   6/12/1996 Yes  Devised Master Plan for Tomball College
 Chamber, Diane   6/12/1996 Yes  Devised Master Plan for Kingwood College
 Wells, Mr. & Mrs. E.  2/14/1996 Yes  Involved in founding North Harris Junior College District
 Younger, George  5/23/1996 Yes  First Instructor of Veterinary Technology at Tomball College

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