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Library Online Learning Modules

This guide is to serve as a "menu" of instruction modules to meet the information literacy needs LSC-NH online classes. Each module can be embedded into D2L, and takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

How to Install a Library Module in D2L

Installing Library Modules in D2L


Option 1: Ask you librarians to do it for you!

Your librarians are always happy to help out. Add one of us to your D2L course as an instructor, and we can get it done for you. 


Option 2: DIY!

  1. Log in to D2L.
  2. In the course, click on the Course Management drop down menu and select Course Admin

  1. Under Site Resources, select Third-party Integrations.

  1. Create a New Link (blue button).                             

  1. Title: Use the title of the module form the library   
  2. URL: Use the LTI link given to you by the librarians 
  3. Make sure Sign messages with key/secret and Tool consumer key/secret are selected.
  4. Security Settings: Use tool provider security settings

  1. Select Save and Close
  2. Select Content.
  3. Create a Module, or select an existing module.  

  1. From the Add Existing Activities drop-down menu, select Third-party Integration

  1. Select the module you created, and it will be added to the module.

Want the Library Module in your Gradebook?

  1. Go to the module containing the Module and select the module LTI.
  2. Set up the grading method and maximum number of attempts. Use two tabs for this purpose: Change Grading Method and Change Maximum Attempts.  
  3. After you set each option, click on the grey button at the bottom of each tab to save your changes.
  4. Create a grade item using the + button