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Library Online Learning Modules

This guide is to serve as a "menu" of instruction modules to meet the information literacy needs LSC-NH online classes. Each module can be embedded into D2L, and takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

How to Install a Library Module in D2L

Installing Library Modules in D2L


There are two ways to add modules to your course. 


A: Use the LTI Link to Install it on your own!

Here are step-by-step instructions for using the LTI link for adding the module yourself.

1. LTI Links are available under each module. Copy the entire link.

2.  In D2L, in the section where you would like to add the Library Module, go to "Add Existing Activities" and select "Third Party Integrations"

An image of the drop down menu when "Add Existing Activities" is selected with "Third Party Integrations" highlighted


3Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this new window. 

An image of the Third Party Integration window, with instructions to scroll down to the bottom.


4.  At the bottom, click on the button that says "Create New LTI Link" 


5.  In the "Create New LTI Window" paste the LTI Link, and give the link a title.  

An image of the "Create" window, showing a new LTI link and title


B: Ask your librarian to do it for you!

Your librarians are always happy to help out. Add one of us to your D2L course as an instructor, and we can get it done for you.

After the content is added, you can remove the librarian from your course, if you prefer. Librarians will never make changes to your course that are not explicitly requested.

Send an email to your librarian!

Megan Hopwood:

Billy Hoya:

Katie McGittigan:

David Puller:



Making changes in the gradebook

  1. Go to the section containing the Module and select it, or right-click and select view topic

  2. Set up the grading method and maximum number of attempts. Use the drop down menu to select Change Grading Method and Change Maximum Attempts.  

  3. After you set each option, click on the grey button at the bottom of each tab to save your changes.

  4. A 100 point gradebook item is automatically created

  5. Go to Grades to edit the gradebook item.