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Library Online Learning Modules

This guide is to serve as a "menu" of instruction modules to meet the information literacy needs LSC-NH online classes. Each module can be embedded into D2L, and takes 5-10 minutes to complete.
Online Library Instruction


Welcome to Online Library Instruction!

We're glad you found your way here. Let's talk about how the library can support the information literacy needs of your students.


So how does this help my students?

Information literacy instruction helps your students have a better grasp of how information can be developed, evaluated, and used. It fosters critical thinking skills, and will encourage students to become better content creators and consumers.


Who made these modules?

Your favorite librarians at LSC-North Harris. And because they were made in-house, they can easily be modified to fit your needs. 


What online learning tool is this?

These lessons use videos that's were scripted and developed by LSC-NH librarians, and are hosted on our YouTube Channel. The lesson package is through SoftChalk. 


Do I need to use ALL of these modules?

No. Feel free to pick and choose what best fits the needs of your class. If you're not sure, your department liaison will be happy to talk with you about your course content and help you with your selections.


How long does a module take to complete?

Each lesson should take 5-10 minutes. None of the video lessons run longer than 4 minutes, and are followed by 3-5 questions. 


Can I used the videos without the quizzes?

Of course. Please see the Module Videos page for links directly to each video.  


Can the modules be graded in D2L?

Yes, they are added to your gradebook buy default, but you can delete, edit, or change their worth. 

Library Liaison Contacts for LSC-North Harris Library

Billy Hoya

Applied Technology, Math and Natural Sciences, Archives, Makerspace


Sarah Stanhope

Fine Arts, Business, Communication, Computers, and Design, Paralegal Studies, Government Information


David Puller

Social and Behavioral Sciences, Economics, Kinesiology, Communication, Languages, Humanities, First Year Experience, Developmental Studies, Dual Credit



Health & Human Services, Honors College, International Education