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Chicago Manual of Style Citation Guide

Helpful resources for applying The Chicago Manual of Style standards to in-text citations, works cited pages, and formatting.

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The Chicago Manual of Style Citation Guide

What is The Chicago Manual of Style?

The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) is a reference tool providing guidance on style, grammar, formatting and citation formats.

When using CMS for citing sources there are two options for citation styles: Notes & Bibliography and Author-Date. Once your professor specifies which citation style to follow, you will want to pay close attention to the sources and examples in this guide to ensure you are using the correct style. The left-side navigation on this page provides samples for both citation styles.

Why Cite?
  • To give credit to appropriate authors and researchers.
  • To demonstrate proper and appropriate research on a topic was conducted.
  • To provide readers with additional resources to further learn about a topic.
  • To reassure readers that facts are accurate and previously documented.
  • To provide a logical pattern of support for conclusions.
When to Cite?
  • When using exact language in quotation marks from a source.
  • When you paraphrase (i.e. use your own words) an idea from a source.
  • When you use any idea, data, or methodology from a source.
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