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North Harris Student Poet Laureate

Ross Rice - Student Poet Laureate 2010


Ross Rice has been named 2009-2010 LSC-North Harris Student Poet Laureate.

Ross has always been interested in writing.  He had ideas for stories as a very young child – even before he could write them down.  He began writing poetry and short fiction in elementary school and was surprised when his 4th grade teacher posted his poem for Rodeo Days.  Ross is an avid reader.  He likes many different genres and studies the writing styles to improve his own.  His favorite authors are Joyce Carol Oates, Anne Rice, and Margaret Atwood.  He uses what he learns from his reading to write both short fiction and poetry but finds poetry easier because it is shorter and does not require as much explanation.  He has submitted some of his stories to magazines for publication.

Ross has completed his first semester at North Harris after taking a year off after high school.  During that year, he tried several jobs and finally landed at Borders Books in what he considers an ideal job since he can be around books all the time.  Ross likes the campus and his professors; he plans to stay at North Harris for several semesters.  Eventually, he would like to transfer to the LSC-University Center to get a degree from one of our partner universities.  He is considering English for a major and sees editing, journalism, and film as possible career choices.  His dream job would be a travel journalist so he could see more of the world.

Ross is also interested in playing the piano and painting with acrylics, though he is never satisfied with his paintings.

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