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North Harris Student Poet Laureate

Emma Zarate - Student Poet Laureate 2009

Emma's poem "The Earth" was selected as the first place entry by the judges in the third annual LSCS-North Harris Student Poet Laureate competition. Another of her submissions was chosen as the second place winner leaving no doubt that she is the right person to represent the NH campus as the 2008-2009 Student Poet Laureate.

Emma has been attending North Harris since 2006 working to complete her Associate of Science Degree. She plans to transfer to a university to complete her Bachelor's Degree in computer science with emphasis in computer programming. With her degree, she would like to work as a video game programmer.

Emma's interests include writing, drawing, playing video games, learning the guitar and sewing. She is currently working on putting her writing and drawing together in the form of a comic book. She expresses her sewing talent in the form of costumes she makes and sells at conventions.
"It's hard work to keep your options open." - Emma Zarate

Works by Emma Zarate

The Earth

Verse by Emma Zarate

Round in essence
Beauty is revealing of its purity
It revolves              around a pole
Symmetric but                  not symmetric
Spinning                           but not spinning
Relativity means             nothing to a sphere
It sees the same         thing in every direction
Sparkles of light        forming different pictures
With every spin it   paints itself a new picture
Sometimes                        goats and twins
And other times     large fiery balls of gas
Barely miss                 its peaks
But hit its pools

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