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North Harris Student Poet Laureate

Natalie Angel - Student Poet Laureate 2012


Natalie (Natti) Angel has been chosen as the 2011-2012 Lone Star College-North Harris Student Poet Laureate.  Natti came to the North Harris campus in the fall of 2010 several years after completing high school.  Natti has been writing poetry since fifth grade. When she was a teen, she went through a difficult emotional time and found that writing poetry helped her to deal with those emotions in a positive way.  Poetry made her feel serene and calm and helped her have a better outlook on life.  Her ten year old son has been a great motivation for her and an inspiration for much of her poetry.  She wants him to know that “there are no closed doors; there are always doors to open.”  She wants to encourage him not to let difficulties stop him from accomplishing the things he desires.

Natti has a passion for anything artistic.  She loves photography, painting, sculpture, and crocheting; and she continues to sculpt, paint and crochet.  As a hairdresser for 13 years, Natti especially enjoys the color aspect of her work – anything that imparts or enriches hair color.

After her years at Lone Star College-North Harris, Natti intends to transfer to a four year university and eventually get her Master’s degree in seismology.  She used to live in Oregon where there were occasional earthquakes that were “both terrifying and exciting.”  Studying and working in seismology would give her the opportunity to learn more about earthquakes.

Natti and her son do a lot of volunteer work: food drives, Toys for Tots, and doing “Cut-a-thons.”  Natti started doing “Cut-a-thons” in Oregon where she would provide a haircut for a donation for children’s toys at Christmas.  She has continued this idea here in Texas.

Natti is very excited about being the 2011-2012 Lone Star College-North Harris Student Poet Laureate and is looking forward to sharing more of her poetry with others during this year.

Works by Natalie Angel

Reach for the Stars

Verse by Natalie Angel

All these accidents that happen are not coincidence

You’ve escaped the warning signs

Welcome to ambivalence

The commotional landscapes reach out for you

Run faster and toss their scaly vines aside

You already knew what to do, you needed no cue.


Like lightning on a stormy night,

No one can capture your image, why?

Running so hard your footsteps sound like God’s knocking on the sky

The only thing in your way is all but contrite


Run faster!

Momentum increases but your breathing slows

Calmness encompasses you

The hardships are behind you now it’s time to transpose

All that’s left is to reach up and grasp the stars

It’s already yours

Just reach it’s not far


The second you let all your worries collapse

You will find that the world will do nothing but gasp.

All your achievements and all your yearnings

Were the things inside that made the wheels start turning.

Stronger than you

Verse by Natalie Angel


He cascaded through her memories

Pacing like a hyena ready to attack

Watch him move with such grace and ease

Only love does his soul lack


Another day she wanders alone at night

Believing all she said was right

Carelessly parading with no care on her sleeve

She left them all without overlooking her creed


Silence sings lonely songs

When lovers hearts to break

A wall built up to harbor their wrongs

A fake persona is all they create


Wither away the time and pain

Days will show there’s nothing left to gain

When lover’s quarrels are unjustified

Only to oneself, have you lied.

The reason to go on

Verse by Natalie Angel

Reach up to graze the inevitable

Alone I stand and wait in the harsh wind

Trapped in a hard core paradise

Like a daze I watched it come to an end


I’ll stand and wait till I see its light

Wind whipping through my long blackened hair

Where is the next step? Will I have to fight?

Surrounded by darkness I barely have a care

Winds speeding and surrounding me

Where are you!

I’m alone in this place! Come set me free!

Like a slow motion black and white movie I stand with no cue


It’s all I need but it keeps passing me by

Scared and desolate I drop to my knees to pray for my next chance

Quietly I hug myself whispering why?

In the darkness I close my eyes and feel my hair like a lance


I listen

I choose to ignore the world and hear its pulse radiating through me


I scream



The dark stops,

The wind ceases,

The splashing subsides.

My brown hopeless eyes open to see it staring back at me

One step at a time I tiptoe towards my visitor that has come to set me free

With amazement

I stare back at myself

I am my own accomplishment

I am my vision, I am my dream

I was all I needed

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