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Legal Research: Finding Cases, Legislation, and other Legal Material

United States


PLEASE NOTE: The print series available in the Library is no longer being updated and is for Teaching Purposes Only. For the latest information, see Westlaw.

Finding Legislation in Westlaw

Finding Legislation in Westlaw: Step by Step

Vernon's Texas Codes Annotated is available full-text in Westlaw.

To find Texas Statutes and Codes:

  1. On the Westlaw homepage, under "Browse" and "All Content," click on Statutes & Court Rules in the first column.

Westlaw Browse Statutes

  1. Choose Texas from the State list.

Westlaw Statutes & Court Rules page with arrow to Texas

  1. Select a Code from the section list for Texas Statutes & Court Rules.

Westlaw Texas Statutes & Court Rules Page with circle around Penal Code

  1. The search box at the top should now be limited to the section that you chose. You can either continue browsing to the section for your topic, or search for your topic using the search box at the top of the page.

Westlaw search bar narrowed to Texas Penal Code

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