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Clinical Tools for the Health Sciences

Guide to the clinical tools available for Health Science students and faculty including IBM Micromedex and STAT!Ref.

IBM Micromedex

Micromedex Tools

IBM Micromedex, by Truven Health Analytics, offers a suite of clinical tools. It provides comprehensive drug, disease, and toxicology oriented information for healthcare professionals and patients.

Available tools:

Drug, Disease and Toxicology Search

Search for a particular drug, disease of toxicology. 

Drug Interactions

The Drug Interactions tool helps you check for interacting drugs, their effects, and clinical significance.

IV Compatibility

Use the IV Compatibility tool to avoid potentially dangerous drug combinations. IV Compatibility provides easy access to Trissel’s™ 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database (Parenteral Compatibility) with proven data to support safe decisions for administering injectable drug in combination. Using information from leading IV compatibility expert, Lawrence Trissel, MS, FASHP, IV Compatibility presents compatibility results for over 50,000 parenteral drug combinations.

Drug ID

The Drug Identification tool can assist you in identifying pharmaceutical tablets, caplets, and capsules by any of their physical characteristics such as shape, color, pattern, or imprint code

Drug Comparison

View and compare drugs side-by-side with the Drug Comparison tool. Compare attributes such as: dosing, administration, indications, contraindications, precautions, adverse effects, and interactions to assist you in making the most informed choice.


CareNotes provides concise, customizable materials to address patient condition, treatment, follow-up care, psychosocial issues, continuing health, and the most frequently administered lab tests and drugs.

NeoFax / Pediatrics

NeoFax and Pediatrics provides tools to safely and efficiently prescribe, calculate, and administer drug therapy for neonates and children. 


The RED BOOK searches and locates prices and descriptions for over 300,000 prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, chemicals used for compounding and medical devices and supplies.

Tox & Drug Product Lookup 

Tox & Drug Product Lookup Tool provides information on hundreds of thousands of products and substances. The source of the information comes from: DRUGDEX® and POISINDEX®.

Calculators Includes a variety of clinical calculators including those for antidote dosing and nomograms, laboratory values, dosing tools, and measurement calculators.


Micromedex Guides

Micromedex Apps

Micromedex offers 5 apps to LSC students via the Library subscription:

IBM Micromedex Drug Reference app logo
IBM Micromedex Drug Interactions app logo
IBM Micromedex IV Compatibility
    Micromedex Free Drug Reference
Micromedex Drug Interactions Micromedex IV Compatibility
Micromedex NeoFax logo Micromedex Pediatrics logo  
Micromedex NeoFax Reference Micromedex Pediatrics Reference  

To activate the apps:

  1. Get the Passwords
    • Login to Micromedex online through the Lone Star College Research Databases page. (You will need to login with your 14-digit library barcode number on the back of your Student ID or your myLoneStar email and password).
    • Click on the link for Download Mobile Apps

    • Choose the dropdown Micromedex Native Mobile Apps

    • Write down the password for the apps that you want to install. (There will be a password for each of the apps).

  2. Download the Apps

    • Search for "Micromedex" in the app store on your mobile device (iOs, Google Play, etc)

    • Locate and download the desired app(s): Drug Reference, Drug Interactions, IV Compatibility, NeoFax Reference, or Pediatrics Reference

  3. Register the App

    • Open the app on your device

    • Choose the option Micromedex Customer and then enter the password from the website. 

    • Repeat for each of the Micromedex apps that you want. 

The passwords are updated on an annual basis. When the year is up, as long as you are still a Lone Star College student, just go back to the database website and get the new password to regain access. 

Off-campus... now what?

Use your 14-digit library barcode number (located on the back of your student ID card).

Don't have an ID?  Get one from the library or fill out the online request form to get a barcode number.


You can also use your Lone Star email and password by clicking the link below the barcode login.  

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