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Emergency Medical Services

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Micromedex includes several useful tools:

  • CareNotes System - provides patients with complete, easy-to-understand patient education handouts including patient discharge instructions and documents providing patient education for conditions and diagnoses, labs, and procedures
  • Drug Interactions - combine multiple drug names to check for interactions
  • IV Compatibility 
  • Drug ID - look up drugs by imprint code or description
  • Drug Comparison
  • RED BOOK Online Search for prescription or over the counter medications, medical devices or supplies
  • Tox & Drug Product Lookup
  • several clinical calculators including IV Rate Calculator, Metric Conversions Calculator, and various dosing calculators

Medical Reference Tools

Medical Apps

Micromedex offers 3 free apps:

Micromedex Free Drug Reference Micromedex Free Drug Reference
Micromedex Drug Interactions Micromedex Drug Interactions
Micromedex IV Compatibility Micromedex IV Compatibility

To activate the apps:

  1. Login to Micromedex online through the Lone Star College Research Databases page. (You will need to login with your 14-digit library barcode number on the back of your Student ID).
  2. Click on the link for Download Mobile Apps.

  3. Write down the password for the apps that you want to install. (There will be a password for each of the apps).

  4. Search for "Micromedex" in the app store on your mobile device (iOs, Google Play, etc) and click on the appropriate free downloads.

  5. Open the app on your device.

  6. Choose the option Micromedex Customer and then enter the password from the website. 

  7. Repeat for each of the Micromedex apps that you want. 

When your subscription runs out, just go back to the database website and get the new password to regain access. 

Stat!Ref app  To activate the free STAT!Ref app:

  1. Login to STAT!Ref online through the Lone Star College Research Databases page.
  2. Click MySTAT!Ref in the top right corner. 
  3. Follow the instructions to create a free MySTAT!Ref account.
  4. Once logged in to your own account, click the tab Temporary Login Account.
  5. Click Activate/Renew.
  6. Download the STAT!Ref app from the app store on your mobile device.
  7. Open the app and login with the details from the account that you just created for STAT!Ref.

The app stays activated for 90 days. After this time, simply log back in to the database, log in to your Stat!Ref account, and click "Activate/Renew" again. 

Off-campus... now what?

Use your 14-digit library barcode number (located on the back of your student ID card).  Don't have an ID?  Get one from the library or fill out the online request form.


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