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RNSG 2514 - Patient Care & Teaching

A guide to assist in finding resources for the RNSG 2514 Patient Care and Teaching projects

Adobe Spark: Free Graphics Tool

Adobe Spark

Spark is a user friendly graphics program  that lets you create graphics, short videos, and simple web pages. The starter account is free and lets you create lots of great content. To get started, go to, and create or login with an Adobe account. Watch our introductory videos to get started designing professional looking designs for your school presentations.

Where to Find Images & Music

Looking for some images and music to use in a presentation? Check out our list of Creative Commons Resources.

Creative Commons logo

Free Screen Capture Tools

Did you know that you can create a video using PowerPoint? Check out our Screen Capturing Guide for instructions on using PowerPoint or other free tools to record screen captures.

Free Video Editing Tools

Video and audio editing doesn't have to be expensive. Check out the different free tools available on the Video & Audio Recording Guide

Video & Audio Recording