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Screen Capturing Tools: About

Need to do a presentation? This guide will show you some tools to help you create narrated presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint, Xbox Game Bar, and other tools on your PC.

Screen Capturing Tools

Need to create a presentation for an online class? It can be difficult to do when you don't have the proper tools. But there are some tools that you may have on your computer that can help you put together a presentation that can be exported to an MP4 Video file that can be uploaded to a platform like YouTube and then shared with others.

Remember: you can use these tools separately or in combination, recording certain parts in one and the rest in another, and assembling the clips in a tool like Adobe Premier, iMovie, or OpenShot.

Microsoft PowerPoint

If you already have a PowerPoint presentation that you use in your in-person class, you can create a narration for the presentation and then export the presentation with narration as an MP4 Video.

This works with PowerPoint for Windows and macOS. All faculty, staff, and students of Lone Star College can download and install Microsoft PowerPoint, along with the rest of the Microsoft Office Suite, on their home computers. Visit the OTS Helpdesk for more information:

undefinedXbox Game Bar

If you need to show students examples of how a program works or how to navigate a website, screen capture with Xbox Game Bar is a good option. Originally meant for capturing video from games for broadcast on services like Twitch, Game Bar also works as a general screen capture tool.

This program is part of Windows 10.

undefinedOBS Studio

Open Broadcast Software Studio is used mostly for streaming to services like YouTube and Twitch, but it can also save screen captures to file.

This program is Free, Open Source software for Windows, macOS, and Linux.