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Why We Cite

It’s important to cite your sources in order to give proper credit to other people’s research and ideas, as well as prove to people reading or watching your work that you have found quality sources of information for your own research.

How do you cite? That’s a big question with a long answer. It will vary depending upon the type of source that you have and the style guide you are using. Fortunately, the library has complete guides for MLA, APA, and Chicago. You professor will tell you which citation style to use, either in the assignment instructions or your class syllabus.

APA Style is documented in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. It is most commonly used in health related courses, like Psychology, Nursing, and Kinesiology. You will occasionally see it used in English classes.

MLA Style is documented the MLA Handbook. MLA is used in humanities, such as Literature and Media Studies.

Chicago is documented in the Chicago Manual of Style. This form of citation is found mostly in History related subjects, like Archaeology.

Engineering and Applied Sciences Style Guides

Some technical professions may use their own style guides with their own citation styles. Below are some other style guides you may encounter in HVAC.

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