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Resources for cosmetology research

Cosmetology Resources



The LSC-North Harris Library has many resources to help you keep up with the latest trends in Cosmetology:

  • Articles from trade journals and magazines on current industry topics and skills
  • Books and eBooks that explain different techniques and industry ideas

Not sure if a source is reliable or not? Try using the 5 W's to help you assess it. Still need help? Ask a Librarian to help!

Maybe you need information in another topic? Check out our other Subject Guides, or Ask A Librarian for help.

Starting Point

Getting Started with Your Research

Step 1:  Think about your topic!  What questions are you trying to answer?

Step 2:  List terms that best represent the main concepts of your topic.

  • cosmetology
  • hair coloring
  • skin cancer
  • melanoma
  • basal cell carcinoma

If nothing comes to mind, it is time to do some background research!

Background Sources

Ask a Librarian

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