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Anatomy & Physiology

Use these research resources for any class assignments and to supplement your learning for your Anatomy & Physiology courses

Anatomy & Physiology Resources



The LSC-North Harris Library has many resources to help you study Anatomy & Physiology:

  • Articles from journals and magazines on current industry topics and skills
  • eBooks reviewing anatomy and physiology
  • Videos covering anatomy & physiology
  • Websites providing interactive lessons

Not sure if a source is reliable or not? Try using the 5 W's to help you assess it. Still need help? Ask a Librarian to help!

Maybe you need information in another topic? Check out our other Subject Guides, or Ask A Librarian for help.

Background Sources

Before you can jump into more serious or advanced research, you may need to find some background information about your topic. The following resources are great places to check for reliable summaries and general information about a topic.

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