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Virtual Reality: Software

Virtual and Augmented Reality Hardware and Software in the Makerspace

Available VR Software

Below is a list of VR Software Titles available in the Makerspace and VR Classroom. Not all titles are available on all devices. Check the tabs to the side to see featured software such as Tilt Brush and Sharecare YOU.

Would you like to suggest a title? Please email Billy Hoya at with the title, platform, link to a webpage with information on the title, and a list of academic programs that this title will support. For our complete collection policy regarding VR Titles, please see Safety, Guidelines, and Procedures.

Complete List of VR Software

Software Title Makerspace Vive Makerspace Rift Classroom Vive Classroom Rift Mobile Rift Description
3D Organon VR Anatomy X X       VR Anatomy
3dSunshine X   X X X Minecraft Map/Object Editor
A Fear Of Heights, And Other Things X X       Experience heights, other things
ABE VR   X X X X VR Movie / Thriller
Abode X         Escape Room
Above - VR X         Sci-fi / Space / View Earth
Accounting X X       Interactive Fiction
Acute Art     X     Digital Artwork
Altar Show     X     Collaboration Tools
Alteration   X       VR Movie / Sci-fi Thriller
AltspaceVR   X X X X Meeting Space / Group Interaction
Amazing World X          
Apollo 11 VR   X       Space/Apollo 11 Mission
Arachnophobia X X       VR exposure therapy for fear of spiders.
Avatar Editor   X       Edit your Oculus Avatar
B. Braun Future Operating Room X X       Surgery; specifically, removing damaged blood vessels.
Bellows, The X X X     Game/Horror
Bigscreen Beta   X       Meeting Space / Group Interaction
Blocks by Google X X X X X 3D Modeling
Body VR, The   X       Explore the Human Body
Body VR: Journey Inside a Cell, The X X X     Virtual Journey through Circulatory System
Calcflow X         Visualize Calculus Vectors
Chess Ultra   X       Game/Chess
Cosmic Sugar VR     X     VR Art / Particle Experiment
Dead and Buried         X Game/Action/Shooter
Death Dojo X X       Game/Samurai
Defense Grid 2: Enhanced VR Edition   X       Strategy Game/Tower Defense
Destination: Pluto The VR Experience X X       Space/Pluto
Discovr Egypt: King Tut's Tomb X         History/Ancient Egypt; Game/Treasure Hunt
Disney Movies VR     X X X VR Experiences by Disney
Echo VR   X       Game/Futuristic Robot Combat
Edmersiv X         Education/Lesson Planning
EF EVE     X X X Volumetric Recording and Viewing Platform
Emily Wants to Play Too Demo   X       Game/Horror
Enlightended League of Bone Builders and Osseous Enigma Content, The     X     Game/Build-A-Skeleton
Face Your Fears   X       Game/Terror
Fantasynth: Chez Nous   X       Music Visualizer
Foo Show - Featuring Will Smith   X       VR Talk Show
Forgotten Ones, The X         Art House Thriller
Found X X       VR Film/Fantasy (also, Game?)
Freedom Locomotion VR X X       Proof-of-Concept of Freedom Locomotion System
Google Earth VR X X X X X Explore Earth/Geography
Gravity Sketch VR X X       3D Modeling
Guided Meditation VR X         Meditation/Relaxation
Hunger     X X X VR Movie
Inception   X       VR Movie / 360 Video / Augmented Reality
Incline   X       Motorcycle Racing
InMind 2 VR X         Adventure Game/Human Emotion
InMind VR X   X X X Adventure Game/Human Emotion
International Space Station Tour VR     X X X VR Tour of International Space Station
Invasion!   X       VR Film/Aliens and Animals (and Ethan Hawke!)
inVR     X X X 3D Model Viewing
Irrational Exuberance: Prologue X X       VR Film/Space
Keep Balance VR X X       Heights and Balance
Kolb Antarctica Experience     X     Explore the Antarctic
Software Title Makerspace Vive Makerspace Rift Classroom Vive Classroom Rift Mobile Rift Description
Lab, The X X X X X Game/Multiple Genres
Lifeliqe VR Museum X X X     Education/Earth, Life, Physical, Social Sciences; Mathematics
Limelight VR X         Public Speaking/Performance
LIV: vivr     X X X Green Screen / VR Tool
Lucky Night: Texas Hold'em VR   X       Game/Multiplayer Online Poker
Lucky's Tale   X   X X Adventure Game
Magnetique - VR Comic   X       VR Comic
Mesh Maker VR     X X X 3D Modeling
Metaverse Construction Kit X         3D Modeling
Minecraft   X       Adventure/Strategy Game
Mountain Goat Mountain   X       Game
nano-one X         Chemistry/Science Modeling 
Night Café, The X X X X X Step inside the panting of Vincent van Gogh
Oculus Dreamdeck Demo   X   X X Exploration - Heights, Dinosaurs, Space, etc.
Oculus First Contact   X   X X Touch Experience/Presence VR
Oculus Lost   X       VR Film/Fantasy  
Oculus Medium       X X 3D Modeling / Painting
Oculus Video   X       Video Player
PaintLab     X     3D Modeling / Painting
PolyDome     X     Music Sequencer / Visualizer
Power Solitaire VR   X       Game/Social Solitaire
Projact Syria X X       Journalism/Syrian Civil War
PsychLabVR     X     Experiments conducted by Vanderbilt University used to help study and develop VR Treatments for Social Anxiety Disorder.
Quanero X X       Game/Futuristic Detective
Quil       X X 3D Paint / Illustration / Animation
Ranger: Lost Tribe, The X X       Game/Action/Shooter
Realities     X X X 360 Video / Photo Viewer
Rec Room   X X X X Social Game Play
Remembering Pearl Harbor X         History/Pearl Harbor Attach
Robo Recall       X X Game/Action/Shooter
Senza Peso   X       Mini Opera/Afterlife 
Sharecare VR   X X X X Customizable Health/Anatomy
Singularity   X       VR Movie / Experience
Sketchbox     X X X Design Platform for VR / AR
Sketchfab VR   X X     Curated 3D / VR Art Experience
Spacetours VR - Ep1 The Solar System   X       Space
Speech Trainer X X X     Public Speaking 
Star Rangers VR - Free Demo X X       Demo/Game
Starman's VR Experience     X X X Space Simulator
STORM VR X X       Game/Thriller
Strata inStudio VR     X     3D Model Viewing
Stray Cat, The     X     Game/Protect a Cat!
SUPERHOT VR X         Game/First Person Shooter
Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet The Medic X         Game/Dark Comedy - Not for the faint of heart
theBlu X         Explore the Ocean
Tilt Brush X X       3D Paint / Illustration
Time Machine VR   X       Explore Prehistoric Oceans
Titanic VR Demo X X       Walkthrough the Titanic
Toy Box       X X Game/Multiplayer/Sandbox
vBuilder     X X X Model Building / Animation with Real-Time Collaboration
VR Gallery     X     Photo Viewer
VR Interior Designer Pro     X     Interior Design
VR Museum of Fine Art, The     X X X Curated Models of Famous Pieces of Art
VRCapture     X X X Capture Video within VR and Share with Others
VRCAT     X     Model Building
VRChat X X X     Chat in VR
VRTGO     X     VR Art and Experiences
VU, The     X     Virtual Art Creation Tool
War Robots VR: The Skirmish   X       Game/First Person Shooter
We Are Stars X         Space Exploration
YouTube VR     X X X Explore 360 and VR Videos posted to YouTube