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North Harris Library Technology

About the GroupSpot

The GroupSpot is located on the Third Floor of the LSC-North Harris Library, and is an excellent location for groups large and small to meet and collaborate on projects. Most furniture in the area is mobile, allowing students to rearrange as needed. Other features include:

  • Dry Mark / White Boards - in addition to several movable White Boards, the tables in the area have surfaces that you can write on with Dry Markers
  •  Collaboration Tables - two tables large enough to seat 7 people equipped with a wide screen display, PC, and special speakers which focus sound so that only those at the table hear it. Users can also connect their own personal laptops or other devices to the display using VGA and HDMI.
  • SMART Boards - two large, mobile SMART Boards equipped with touch sensitive surfaces allow groups to collaborate on documents and other media by drawing notes directly on them.

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