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Screen Capturing Tools: PowerPoint

Need to do a presentation? This guide will show you some tools to help you create narrated presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint, Xbox Game Bar, and other tools on your PC.

Creating Narration for PowerPoint Presentation

Recording narration for a PowerPoint presentation is easy. This guide will walk you through the steps. Before you begin, consider using a headset or earphones with a microphone. In spaces with background noises, this can greatly reduce their effect.

The example screenshots are from PowerPoint in Windows 10. If you are doing this on a Mac, the screen will look a little different.

All faculty, staff, and students of Lone Star College can download and install Microsoft PowerPoint, along with the rest of the Microsoft Office Suite, on their home computers. Visit the OTS Helpdesk for more information:

Step 1: Open your PowerPoint Presentation


Open your PowerPoint Presentation by locating the file and double clicking on the icon, or by using File->Open from within PowerPoint.

Step 2: Select Record Slide Show


From the ribbon, select Slide Show. You can either select the Record Slide Show icon or click the drop down menu and select Record from Current Slide or Record from Beginning.

Step 3: Recording Your Narration


To begin recording your narration for the slide, click the Record button. When you click the button, the slide will appear as it would in a normal presentation. You can click the Record button again to pause the recording. When you are done with your narration, click the Stop button.

If you have animations on your slide, you can prompt them to play by pressing the Space Bar or Clicking the Slide.

You can use the tools at the bottom, such as the Pen or Highlighter, to draw additional notes on the presentation as you speak. These will appear when your narration is played back.

The narration for a slide is all-or-nothing: if you make a mistake, you will need to click the Stop button to end the recording for that slide and then click the Record button to begin again.

When you are done recording a narration for a slide, you can click the arrow to the right of the slide to advance to the next slide.

Step 4: Review Your Presentation

Use the arrow key to the left of the slide to advance to the first slide in the presentation. Then click the Replay button. This will play back your presentation with your narration, timings, and any notes you may have made with the pen or highlighter tools.

If you do not like the narration for a slide, click the Stop button. You can then click the Record button to re-record narration for the slide.

To exit from the Record Slide Show tool, you can press the Escape Key or click the close window icon at the top right of the window.

Step 5: Export Your Presentation with Narration to MP4


Click on File in the ribbon. On the next screen, select Export, then Create a Video, and finally Create Video. You can usually use the default settings.

Step 6: Done!

You should now have an MP4 file that will play on most modern PCs and mobile devices. This file can be uploaded to a service like YouTube or Vimeo for sharing with others. You can also edit this file together with other clips using tools like Adobe Premiere, iMovie, or OpenShot.