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Creating 3D Objects using Photogrammetry: Step 1: Taking Pictures of an Object

Use pictures from your phone to turn real world objects into 3D Models that you can manipulate in programs like Blender.

Picking a Model

You can use almost anything for your model, from a large statue in a public park to a small action figure. There are a few things that you'll want to consider when picking out a model:

  • Things that have pieces that easily move, like tree branches or a flower in a vase, do not scan well. For best results, pick models that are stiff and rigid.
  • Object that have transparent pieces or shiny pieces don't scan well. 

Taking Pictures

Animated GIF of person taking pictures of an object

When you take pictures of the object, make sure to take pictures from all sides and different angles. The more pictures you take, the higher resolution object that will be produced in the end.

Don't move the object - you'll have to move around the object when taking pictures.