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Making Interacitve Fiction with PowerPoint: Sharing Your Story

Using technology to create interactive narratives for people to explore

Sharing the File

PowerPoint File IconThe easiest way to share your PowerPoint is to send the saved file. Before you send the file, there are a few things that you'll want to do.

Turning off Advance Slide On Mouse Click


Normally, PowerPoint advances to the next slide on a mouse click. We want to turn this off, so that if someone clicks somewhere other than a link, it won't advance the slide. To do this, click on the Transition tab, and then in the Advance Slide pane, make sure that On Mouse Click and After are unchecked.

Saving as a PowerPoint Show


When opening a PowerPoint file, you are usually shown the presentation editing window. This could allow the player to cheat and view slides out of order of the story. To make it so that the user goes straight into Slide Show mode when opening the file, you can save it as a PowerPoint Show. To do this, click on the File tab, select Save As, and then This PC. Click on More Options. In the Save As window, in the Save as type menu, select PowerPoint Show.

undefinedThat's It!

You should now be able to share the PowerPoint Show file via email or threw a file sharing service like DropBox or GoogleDrive.

Embedding Using OneDrive


Sometimes you may not be able to share the file via email, or you want to embed your story in another website, you and upload it to OneDrive and then share it out.

Because of security restrictions on Lone Star Microsoft365 accounts, you will need to create a personal OneDrive account using a non-Lone Star email. Don't worry, you can create one for free here:

One downside of embedding: You can't turn off Advance on Mouse Click, so if someone clicks on something other than a hyperlink, it will advance to the next slide no matter what.

undefinedUpload you PowerPoint file to OneDrive.

undefinedOpen the uploaded file in PowerPoint Online. You can do this by right clicking on the file and selecting Open in PowerPoint Online from the menu.

undefinedSelect the File tab and then share.


undefinedIf you just want to send the link to the presentation, select Share with people.

In the Send link window, click the Anyone with link option to select whether a person with the link can edit the presentation.

After that, click the Copy link icon. This will give you a link that you can share via email or post online.

undefinedIf you'd like to embed this in a website or in a post to a content management system like WordPress or D2L, select Embed.

You'll be able to adjust the size of the presentation using the selections on the right.

When everything is set the way you want it, copy the code in the Embed Code box. You can then paste this into your HTML code. If you are putting this in a CMS like WordPress, you will need to select the option to edit the post source directly and paste this code in there.

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