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Faculty Guide: Library & Learning Center Services

Connecting with the Library

Library Instruction

We are offering asynchronous and synchronous instruction in person, via Webex or Zoom, or through self-paced instructional modules. 

Request Library In-Person Library Instruction 

Request Online Library Instruction


Embedded Librarian

Whether your course is online, hybrid, or face-to-face with an online component, you can add an embed an online librarian inside individual courses in Desire2Learn. The online embedded librarian connects with your students in D2L to provide assistance with research, library resources, citation & documentation, academic integrity and other digital literacy initiatives. Collaborate with your librarian to design engaging projects relating to information literacy and student success. If you’re interested, please contact your liaison librarian.


Library Modules for D2L

The library offers self-guided modules that can be incorporated into D2L's gradebook. These modules can be customized to address the needs for your class. If you’re interested, check out our offerings, and contact your liaison librarian with any questions. 


For Checkout: Mini-Lesson Toolkits

Faculty can check out librarian prepared lessons to use in their classrooms. These lessons come with a full lesson plan, instructional video, and a hands on learning activity. Available lessons include:

Citing in MLA

Citing in APA

Understanding Keywords

Understanding Database Searching

These lessons can be completed in 15-20 minutes. Request a toolkit.  


Library Guides

What is a LibGuide?

LibGuides are a information sharing system designed to create user-friendly,web pages that can meet the information needs of our students online. 

Librarians can collaborate with faculty to create custom content quickly for student's specific information needs for an assignment or class. Librarians also maintain subject matter guides, which cover a general subject area more broadly and aggregate book, database, and other electronic resources for a convenient place for students to reliably start their research.  

How do LibGuides help students?

LibGuides can benefit students in many ways:

  • LibGuides are available at all times, so students completing research at all hours can get assistance. 
  • Students who can't (or won't) talk to a librarian for research assistance can still access the same great resources we would recommend in person, over the phone, or via chat. 
  • LibGuides focus students on the most relevant resources for their needs. 
  • LibGuides allow for multi-modal learning by presenting video, audio,and text mediums so many different learnign styles can be accommodated. 
  • LibGuides can be easily customized quickly to adapt to changes in assignments or needs. 

I want one for my *very specific research assignment*!

Yay - we're so excited to help you! Contact your Subject Librarian, and they'll be happy to work with you to create the information resource you need. Please give us a least two weeks of notice before your LibGuide is needed so that librarians have time to research, vet, and assemble guides.  


Video Tutorials

The library creates many video tutorials that are easily embedded in your D2L Classes for students to explore independently as needed. Some are featured here. Check out our full YouTube Channel to see everything we have to offer!  Need something we don't have? Contact your Liaison Librarian and let us know!  


Citing in APA


Citing in MLA


Citing in Chicago


Evaluating Information


WestLaw Tutorials for Paralegal Students

Request Library Instruction

Please use the Library Instruction Request Form to let us know when you need our help!

Research Guides

Find Subject And Course Research Guides here:  

Guides are customizable for your courses / assignments.  For more info contact your liaison librarian: