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LGLA 1303 - Legal Research Term Project

Research Guide for LGLA 1303 Legal Research Term Project assignment

Print Resource: Texas Digest 2d, Descriptive Word Index

Texas Digest 2d, Descriptive Word Index 

Texas Digest 2d, Descriptive Word Index



Legal Reference

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A digest is an index to case law. It helps you locate cases and provides case citations and summaries of cases discussing particular legal points. Texas Digest is a digest series covering Texas cases.

Digests have two main parts: the Descriptive Word Index and the main volumes. The topics are broken down into key numbers, which narrow broad topics down to very specific points of law. 

The Descriptive Word Index is used to locate your topic and give you a key number that you can use to find your topic in the rest of the digest volumes.

To find the Descriptive Words: 

  1. Locate the Texas Digest Descriptive Word Index and look up your chosen topic (ex- Arson) alphabetically.
  2. Under the heading for your topic, you should see a list of the descriptive words for your selected topic. (It will also give you the key numbers that you will need in a later step in this project.)

IMPORTANT! Be sure to also check for a pocket part or paperback supplement to get the most current information.

PLEASE NOTE: The print series available in the Library are no longer being updated and are for Teaching Purposes Only. For the latest information, see Westlaw.

Electronic Access

Although published by West, the Texas Digest is only available in print. The closest online equivalent is Westlaw's topic and key number system, which lets you click on a key number in Westlaw and takes you to a page with cases related to that key number. For the purposes of this term project, however, you will typically need to use the print series.

The Assignment

Item: Descriptive Words


"List as many descriptive words or phrases as you can that relate to your topic. Copy the page from the descriptive word index of the Texas Digest that relates to the topic you chose."

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