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Faculty Guide: Embedding Library Resources

Embedding Videos from Films on Demand into D2L

In Films on Demand:

  1. Login to the library database Films on Demand
  2. Search for a video that you are interested in using
  3. Copy the title of the video

Films on Demand screenshot

In D2L:

  1. Locate the place in your course where you want to place the video.
  2. Choose New and then select Create a File

screenshot of D2L Add button with arrow pointing to "Create a File"

  1. In the editor window that opens, select the Video icon

screenshot of D2L editor window with arrow pointing to Video icon

  1. In the box that pops up, choose Films on Demand

screenshot of D2L insert stuff menu with arrow pointed at Films on Demand

  1. This opens up an internal version of Films of Demand. Search for your video title. Click Embed next to the video.

screenshot of D2L internal Films on Demand search with an arrow pointing to Embed

  1. Choose Embed Large from the drop down menu.

screenshot of Embed drop down menu

  1. A preview of the video will appear. Click Insert to continue.

Insert Stuff D2L menu with preview of video

  1. The video will appear inside of the Editor. Click Save and Close to finish.

Video showing in Editing Window in D2L

  1. The video will appear on the page in D2L. Since Films on Demand is directly embedded into D2L, students will not need to login with their library card number to view videos.

Films on Demand Video embedded in D2L


How will Students view the video?

Videos embedded into D2L will appear directly on the D2L page where they are placed. Since Films on Demand is integrated into D2L, students will not need to login with their library barcode number to view videos. The video will appear ready to play in D2L.