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LGLA 1303 -- Print v. Electronic Legal Research

Compares steps for conducting legal research in print to searching electronically in a legal database.

Print Forms

PLEASE NOTE: The print series available in the Library are no longer being updated and are for Teaching Purposes Only. For the latest information, see Westlaw.

Accessing Forms in Westlaw

Westlaw includes full-text editions of the latest O'Connors Form Books, along with other Forms series.

To access Forms in Westlaws:
  1. Choose "Forms" from the Browse box on the Westlaw homepage.

screenshot of Westlaw homepage with arrow pointing to Forms

  1. Select your state (Texas)

Westlaw screenshot of Form Finder page with arrow pointing to Texas

  1. This will limit your Westlaw search to Texas forms. You can either browse through the options or search by keyword. (To access O'Connors Forms, click the link in the box on the right of the page for "O'Connors")

screenshot of Westlaw Texas Form Finder with arrows pointing to the search box and to the O'Connors link

  1. Once you click on the form, it will appear along with any guidance. 
  2. To download the form in a ready-to-use version, click the button form "Easy Edit" from the Tools menu on the right side of the page. Follow the steps to download.

screenshot of Westlaw form example with arrow pointing to the tool Easy Edit

  1. The downloaded form can be opened in Microsoft Word and edited just like any other document.

screenshot of Word document open to a downloaded form