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MLA Citation Guide

In-Text Citations

Source In-text Citation Parenthetical Citation

General format

Author's last name used in sentence quote or paraphrase (page number). quote or paraphrase (Author's last name page number).
Source with one author Barnes said, "..." (48). "..." (Barnes 48).
Source with two authors Brown and Taylor wrote, "..." (243). "..." (Brown & Taylor 243).
Source with 3-5 authors

Hopwood et al. states, "..." (937).

 "..." (Hopwood et al. 937).

Source with 6 or more authors

As stated in Hoya et al., "..." (314).

"..." (Hoya et al. 314). 
Citing 2 sources at the same time Both Hopwood and Hoya argue, "..." (122; 30). ... (Hopwood 122; Hoya 30).
Source with no author


In the article, "Just Another Brick" the author says, "..." (4).


In The Handbook for Radish Farming, it is stated that, "..." (121).   


"..." ("Just Another Brick" 4).


"..." (The Handbook for Radish Farming 121).   

Source with no page numbers Puller concludes that "..." "..." (Puller).
Time based media  CrashCourse explains, "..." (00:01:42)  "..."(CrashCourse 00:01:42).