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Free Video Editing Tools: ShotCut

Overview of free, open source, video editing tools OpenShot and ShotCut. Introduction to glitch art using the free, open source tool Avidemux

About ShotCut


Shortcut is a free, open source program for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Shotcut is great  for applying effects, called filter.

Installing Shotcut

You can download Shotcut from Launch the installer and follow the instructions.

Shotcut Basics

While you can use Shotcut to edit videos, this tutorial is going to concentrate on applying filters to clips that you've already edited.

Creating a New Project


When you first open ShotCut, you'll see the New/Recent Pojects dialog. To create a new project, enter a name for the project and click start. To return to a previous project, double click on the project name.

Opening Files


To open a file to work with, click the Open File icon in the tool bar.

Applying Filters


To add a filter to the clip, click the plus sign in the Flilters pane.


From here you can browse all filters, sort by filters for just audio or just video, or search for a specific filter. To apply a filter, double click it.


In the Filters panel, you will see a list of the filters you have applied. If there are any settings associated with the filter, they will appear once you click on the name. To remove a filter, select the name and then click the minus sign.


Exporting Video


To save your project to mp4, select File -> Export Video. You can leave the default setting. Near the bottom of the dialog, click Export File.