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SPCH 1318 Communication Theories

Starting Point

Step 1:  Think about your specific communication theory and the name(s) of the developer of the theory.

Step 2:  Remember during your research that many communication theories have been borrowed or based on theories from other fields of study such as education, business, psychology, and anthropology.

Step 3: Look up your theory in your textbook, then move on to other library resources.‚Äč

Search Strategy

  • List possible search keywords (terms or phrases that best represent your theory).
  • Initially, omit the word "theory" or "communication."
  • Possible keywords:
    • name of your theory
    • name of the theorist(s)
    • alternative name of the theory (if any)
    • related theories
    • related keywords that describe the focus of your theory
  • Not enough results?
    • Try alternative or related names for your theory.
    • Instead of the name of your theory, try terms or phrases that describe the concept of your theory.
  • Too many results?
    • Add the terms "theory" or "communication" to your search string.

Background Sources

Research Strategy

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