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Library Toolkits

This guide contains information about the library's Mini Lesson Toolkits including their online content and lesson plans.

Giant Citations Puzzle Chicago

Lesson Plan

Learning Outcome 

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to: 

  • Describe the importance of citations 

  • Construct In-Text Citations 

  • Construct Works Cited / Bibliographies 

Lesson Plan 

  1. Introduce the concept of citations and set the agenda for the lesson 

  1. Content: Watch the video “Why We Cite” 

  1. Discuss basics of Citations 

  1. Content: Watch the video “Citations in Chicago” 

  1. Practice: Introduce the activity 

    1. This is a whole class activity. 

    2. Pieces of the citation will be passed out to class members. 

    3. An article to be cited will be displayed. 

    4. The student with the next appropriate piece of the citation will affix it to the board. 

    5. The activity is completed when all pieces of the citation are affixed to the board in the proper location.