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APA 7 Citation Guide

This guide provides resources to help you cite your sources correctly in the format of the seventh edition of the publication manual of the American Psychological Association.

In-Text Citations

Source In-text Citation Parenthetical Citation

General format

Author's last name used in sentence (date) quote or paraphrase (page number). quote or paraphrase (Author's last name, date, page number).
Source with one author Rodriguez (2009) said, "..." (p.48). "..." (Rodriguez, 2009, p. 48).
Source with two authors Brown and Taylor (2015) wrote, "..." (p. 243). "..." (Brown & Taylor, 2015, p. 243).
Source or three or more authors

Hopwood et al. (2017) states, "..." (p. 937).

"..." (Hopwood et al., 2017, p. 937).

Source with no author


In the article, "Just Another Brick" (2009) the author says, "..." (p. 4).


In The Cavern of Death (1794), it is stated that, "..." (p. 15).   


"..." ("Just Another Brick," 2009, p. 4).


"..." (The Cavern of Death, 1794, p. 15).   

Corporation/Organization as author (with an abbreviation) According to the American Library Association [ALA] (2017), "..."

First time: 

"..." (American Library Association [ALA], 2017). 

Every time after that: 

"..." (ALA, 2017).

American Psychological Association. (2020). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.).