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Using ProDoc on Campus


Please note:

The information on this guide has been prepared by LSC-North Harris Librarians for general information purposes only and should not be construed as, nor substituted for, legal advice. The library can help you determine if a form by a specific name is located online or in a library resource. We may also point you to library resources or other websites that discuss a specific legal topic and may contain drafting guides or templates. We cannot help you determine what form you need or assist you in filling out a form.


ProDoc Legal Forms software is available to all paralegal students at Lone Star.

Current paralegal students should contact the Paralegal Department to discover how to install ProDoc for use on their own personal computer while in school.

ProDoc is also available on four computers in the LSC-North Harris Library & Learning Center.


Opening ProDoc on Library Computers

ProDoc is installed on four computers (Computers 5-8) on the 3rd floor of the LSC-North Harris Library.

Due to peculiarities of the software, when you use ProDoc on a Library computer, you will need to approve the administrator messages that pop-up and assign a Word Processor. The steps below will walk you through these two things.

Opening ProDoc on Library computers- Approving messages

Approving Administrator Messages upon Opening
  1. Click on the ProDoc icon on the desktop of the computer.

ProDoc icon

  1. You will see an admin shield pop up on the Windows taskbar. Click on this.

Arrow pointing to admin shield on Windows taskbar

  1. Select yes on the message that pops up. 

User Account Control pop up asking to allow the app to make changes to the your device. The yes button is circled.

  1. A second message will appear. Select yes again.

User Account Control popup for ProDoc Client Installer. The yes button is circled.

  1. It should now open the ProDoc software.

Assigning the Word Processor in ProDoc

Assigning the Word Processor in ProDoc

ProDoc doesn't recognize Office 365, the version of Office used by LSC. To get documents to open in Word when using a computer on campus, you will need to tell ProDoc where to find Microsoft Word on the computer. 

  1. On the ProDoc Quick Start menu, select "Customize ProDoc"

ProDoc Quick Click Menu with circle around "Customize ProDoc"

  1. Select "Word Processor" under Personal Settings. Then click the box with the check mark to assign a Word Processor.

ProDoc Options Menu for Word Processor, with red circle around Word Processor and an arrow pointing to the check box

  1. Click the arrow for the drop down list of word processors. 

ProDoc Word Processor menu with arrow pointing to drop down to select a Word Processor

  1. Select "Microsoft 2016" since it is the latest version supported by ProDoc.

ProDoc Word Process Selection drop down menu with arrow pointing to Microsoft Word 2016

  1. Click the yellow file folder icon located after the box for "Location of Word Processor"

ProDoc Word Processor selection menu with circle around the file folder next to "Location of Word Processor"

  1. Finally, you need to locate Microsoft Word on the computer. (The following steps navigate to Word on LSC computers)
    • Click on "This PC" and select "OSDisk (C:)" for the C drive.

ProDoc Select your Word Processor menu with circles around "This PC" and "OSDisk (C:)"

  • Double click on the folder "Program Files"

ProDoc Select your Word Processor menu with arrow pointing to "Program Files"

  • Double click on the folder "Microsoft Office"

ProDoc Select your Word Processor menu with arrow pointing to "Microsoft Office"

  • Double click on the folder "root"

ProDoc Select your Word Processor menu with arrow pointing to "root"

  • Double click on the folder "Office16"

ProDoc Select your Word Processor menu with arrow pointing to "Office16"

  • Click on the file "WinWord" and choose open to select

ProDoc Select your Word Processor Menu with arrow pointing to "WinWord" file and the open button

  1. Back on the Word Processor menu, once you have found the file location, choose "OK" to update the settings

ProDoc Word Processor menu with arrow pointing to the OK button

Locating Completed Document Files in ProDoc

When documents are completed using ProDoc, they tend to close. ProDoc does not save files to an easy to find location, so students are often confused as to how to open their finished forms.

To access completed documents, you need to locate where they are on the computer. There are two ways that this can be done.

Find the File on the PC:

  • Open the File Explorer \


  • Click on "This PC"

  • Choose OSDisk (C:)

  • Locate the file named "Clients." (There may be an additional folder inside of this one called "Users.")
  • The document should be inside of this folder.
  • When they click to open the document, it will ask them to choose a program to open it with. Choose Word from the list, and the document should open.
  • Once the document is open, use File>Save As to save it to a better location (flash drive, desktop for emailing or uploading to cloud storage, etc).


Copy the file location from ProDoc:

  1. Open ProDoc and choose Document Manager
  2. Click on the document that you want to open, and choose "Update"
  3. This will open a window that shows the path on the computer where the file is
  4. Highlight the file path (starts with C://)
  5. Copy using ctrl+c on the keyboard
  6. Open the File Manager
  7. Click into the path bar at the top, and paste in (ctrl+v) the file path
  8. This should take you to that document and ask you to select a program to open it with. 
  9. Choose Word from the list
  10. The file should open inside of Word. Be sure to save it in a more retrievable location.

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