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Must Have Apps

Video Apps to Make Us Smarter

Trying to fill the "show-hole"? While you wait for the next season of Games of Thrones, fill the hole with motivational and inspirational speakers.


Ted App

Easily browse and discover engaging talks from inspirational people.  Technology Entertainment and Design talks are short and power talks. 


Movies for entertainment have value at the box office.  But give some of these films a try, they are entertaining and educational.



Create an account through our library to watch classic cinema, documentaries, and other high quality videos.

  1. Go to the library's link for Kanopy.
  2. If off-campus or on Wi-Fi, enter your 14-digit library barcode number.
  3. Create an account.
  4. Load the Kanopy app your Smartphone and sign-in with the Kanopy account that  you created.

Scanning App

Need to scan and email a document pronto?  Do it from your phone, quick, easy, and free.  


Cam Scanner

Free version allows you to scan pages, cleans them up, and share in various ways.

Learn a New Language

Houston is amazing!  It is one of the most diverse cities in the United States.  Make new friends from other countries and cultures!  Learn a new language!



Download the app, create an account, and start learning as you play!  

Stay on Top of Current Events

Create an account and follow various topics to create your own social magazine.



Need to communicate quickly with someone in another language?  Try a free language dictionary. There are many great ones available, but Google Translate is the most popular.  

Google Translate

App Store link to Google Translate  Google Play Store Link to Google Translate


Super easy translator, and it is free.  Download the language packs to translate street signs and text instantly in many languages.  See if your language is available!  It is very impressive for a computer generated translation. It is not perfect, but still very impressive.  The Word Lens feature uses Augmented Reality to transform signs with an overlay of your chosen language.  

Get Organized


The free version allows you to collect, organize, sync across two devices, search, and share your notes!  


Evernote Link



Trello is a great free tool to organize study group tasks, to-do lists, and other projects for school and your personal life.  It uses a combination of lists and cards to keep track of individual tasks.  


Trello App



Make Videos and Presentations

You can create videos and presentations from your mobile device or desktop computer on Powtoon.

You should download the app and create an account. Advanced features must be managed from the web application.

Practice your Speech in VR

Requires a Smartphone and vr viewers.

Practice for a job interview, public speaking, and networking.


Virtual Speech


Virtual Speech


1. Download the app.

2. Place your Smartphone in a VR viewer.

3. Use motion to navigate the menu items.

And practice!

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