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$15 Minimum Wage Debate

The purpose of this research guide is to provide background information to students who are participating in a debate over a $15 federal minimum wage.

Economic Theory and the Minimum Wage

The educational series Crash Course explains the economic theories and apply to establishing, raising, or lowering a minimum wage. A basic grasp of the economic theoretical understanding of labor markets is essential to understanding the minimum wage debate.

Understanding the Current Minimum Wage Debate

Once you understand the economic theory of labor markets and wages, let's watch this introduction to the current minimum wage debate in the United States.

This video references a 1993 study on minimum wage by two economists named Card and Krueger. You can find the full text of that study here.

The video also references the consequences of a minimum wage increase in Seattle. You can read the 2017 and 2018 studies about those wage increases.

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