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Library & Learning Center Fall 2020: Computer Lab

Booking a Computer

Learning Center Computer Stations

The Learning Center has 30 socially-distanced computer stations available by appointment for students. Computers have current versions of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access).

Printing is available but we ask that it is limited to the essentials.


Specialized Stations:

On the booking form, there will be computers marked for specific purposes. Specialized computer stations are prioritized for users who require the programs particular to that station. For standard computer use, please try to book a general use computer unless none are available.

To book a specific station:


Rules for Computer Use:

You must have an appointment to use a computer.

Students may make one appointment per day for up to a maximum of 2 hours. 

Computer use is limited to educational or research functions, in accordance with LSC Computer Use Policy.

Make an Appointment

  • Use the Computer Lab Booking form to reserve a computer.
    • Each line on the form represents a different computer. Green squares are available times. Red squares are unavailable or already booked. Grey squares are times when the library isn't open.

Booking Screen

  • Click on the time that you want to start your appointment. (Your appointment will appear in Yellow.)
  • At the bottom of the chart, choose from the drop down menu when you want your appointment to end and click submit. (Maximum time is 2 hours).

Booking an appointment screenshot


  • Read over the Terms and Conditions for using the computers.
  • Confirm that the appointment details listed at the top of the form are what you want. If not, click the "Change" button to make changes.
  • Complete the Booking Form with your name, student email address (, phone number, and Student ID number. Give an explanation for your visit (i.e.- class assignment, online quiz, research, etc). Then, choose "Start My Booking"

Booking details screenshot with arrow pointing at appointment details

  • After you complete your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email, which includes the number of the computer that you have booked, the day and time of your appointment, and a Check-in Code. Be sure to bring this with you when you come to Learning Center for your appointment.

Arriving for Your Appointment

  1. Check in to campus following the LSC-North Harris Campus Return Procedures
  2. Come to the Learning Center at the time of your appointment. (Be sure to bring the check in code and computer number from your confirmation email.)
  3. Check In to the Learning Center
    • Either click the Check In link in your confirmation email or scan the Check In QR Code posted at the front of the Learning Center. (If you do not have a device with you, please see the Service Desk at the front of the Learning Center to check in).
    • Enter your Check In Code
  4. When you are Checked In, you will see a Confirmation Screen. Keep this screen open to Check Out when you are finished with the station.

Booking Check In Confirmation

  1. Locate your reserved computer and use the provided PPE to disinfect the keyboard and station.

Checking Out when Finished

  • When finished using the computer, use the provided PPE to wipe down the station (keyboard, mouse, and surrounding table area).
  • Check Out from the computer using the button from the Check In screen. (If you have lost this page, please see the staff at the Check In Station for Check Out).

Check In confirmation with arrow to Check Out button

  • You will get a confirmation message confirming that you have checked out of the space.
  • Exit the Learning Center once you have completed your business.