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Scholastic Diversity

The purpose of this research guide is to direct library users to locate materials by scholars of color and other historically marginalized communities.

Justification for Seeking Scholastic Diversity

Is it appropriate to seek out intentionally seek out scholars of color and other marginalized community? This is a subject of debate. One potential argument in favor of it can be based on one of the frames for the Framework for Information Literacy developed by the Association for College and Research Libraries. This frame asserts that Authority is Constructed and Contextual. This frame argues (in part) that:

Experts understand the need to determine the validity of the information created by different authorities and to acknowledge biases that privilege some sources of authority over others, especially in terms of others’ worldviews, gender, sexual orientation, and cultural orientations.

Repositories of Experts and Publications by Scholars of Color and other Historically Marginalized Communities

Consider these experts and information sources for your research.

Cohorts of Scholars of Color and Other Historically Marginalized Communities

Would you like to correspond with a scholar of color or one from a historically marginalized community? Would you like to invite one to meet with your students over Zoom as a guest speaker? Consider members of these scholarly communities.

Database Video Resources with a Focus on Historically Marginalized Communities

Academic Video Online: Premium is a library subscription database that includes collections focused on the experiences of historically marginalized communities. You can access these databases off-campus or over a WiFi connection with a Lone Star College library barcode number.

Databases That Focus on Issues Related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We have several databases that may be of interest to scholars in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion fields.

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