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Catalog List of Banned Books

Background on Banned Books

Banned Books Week Banner

The Week of September 27 through October 3, 2020 has been designated as Banned Book Week.

Unfortunately, banning and burning books has a long history. "The first recorded state-sponsored book burning was in China in 213 BC, according to Matthew Fishburn, the author of Burning Books. The burnings were ordered by Qin Shi Huang, the Chinese emperor who also started the Great Wall and the Terracotta army." (

"For Rebecca Knuth, the author of two books on book burnings and the destruction of libraries, books are the targets because they 'are the embodiment of ideas and if you hold extreme beliefs you cannot tolerate anything that contradicts those beliefs or is in competition with them.'" (


This page is dedicated to all those authors, ideas, and viewpoints that challenge us. Expand your world by moving into something that might stretch who you are. Our world will only grow if we can find tolerance for others.