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One Button Studio: Using the Studio

Guide on using One Button Studio

Recording in the Studio

Recording in the Studio

Recording in the One Button Studio is easy!  Before you begin, you will need a USB Drive to record your video to. Also, check out these tips for recording video.

Step 1: Insert USB Drive

Plug your USB Device into the USB Hub on the One Button Podium.

If the lights and camera turn on but then turn back off, there may be something wrong with your USB Drive. Please use another USB Drive or follow these directions for reformatting your USB Drive. WARNING: formatting a drive will erase all data on it; make a backup copy before attempting. When formatting, select exFAT.

Step 2: Adjust Lighting

After you insert your usb, the main light should turn on.

You can use the remote control to turn on and off the bright LED lights.

Step 3: Turn On or Off Green Screen

When you first insert your USB device, the green screen will turn on. If you would rather film in front of the plain grey background or you are using the projector to display slides or video behind you, you can turn off the green screen by pressing the green button.

Step 4: Record

Press the red button to start recording. Before recording begins, you'll be given a 5 second countdown.

Please do not try to adjust the camera. We have a tutorial on cropping (zooming in) your video in iMovie and Adobe Premiere.

Step 5: Stop Recording

Press the red button again to stop recording.

Don't worry if you need to trim out yourself walking towards or away from the button. We have a tutorial on how to trim your videos in iMovie and Adobe Premiere.


Step 6: Wait for your file to write to your USB

After pressing the red button, the video that you just recorded will be copied to your USB.

The time it takes to copy the file to your USB will depend on a number of factors: the kind of USB you have, how large it is, how long of a video you record, etc.

Optional: Record more video

To record more video, press the red button to start recording and again to stop.

Each time you start and stop video, a new file will be created on your USB Drive for that video.

You can start and stop recording as many times as you like, and can record as much as you like so long as there is free space on your USB Drive.

Step 7: Remove your USB

Once files are done writing, you can remove your USB Drive.