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One Button Studio: Making a Reservation

Guide on using One Button Studio

Making a Reservation

One Button Studio Appointment

Use this form to schedule time in the One Button Studio. The One Button Studio may be used by Lone Star College Students, Faculty, and Staff. The studio may be booked a maximum of 3 hours each day, up to 1 week in advance. See below for all rules governing the studio.

Are you a professor who needs to book the room for a class?

Please contact Billy Hoya (281-618-5494 | or your subject liaison for more information.

Rules for Makerspace

  • The One Button Studio is open to Lone Star College Students, Faculty, and Staff
  • The Studio can be booked up to one week in advance.
  • The Studio can be booked for a maximum of 3 hours.
  • If no one is waiting for the studio, your time may be extended in blocks of 30 minutes.
  • Reservations are held for 10 minutes after the start time.


  • LSC-North Harris Library reserves the right to decline any One Button Studio request for any reason.
  • The studio may only be used to produce videos for lawful and educational purposes.
  • The studio will not be used to produce or create materials that are:
    • subject to copyright, patent, or trademark protection
    • in violation of intellectual property rights
    • prohibited by Lone Star College, local, state, or federal governments
    • unsafe, harmful, dangerous, or poses an immediate threat to others
    • obscene or inappropriate for educational institutions
    • extraneous (videos that will take several hours) to produce
  • Food and Drinks are not allowed in the studio