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ENGL 1302 -- (Prof. Thomas)

This research guide shows students in Prof. Vera Thomas's ENGL 1302 students how to find information sources in the databases and how to cite those articles in the MLA style of documentation.

Articles from Opposing Viewpoints

Database Basics

You will now search the library database Opposing Viewpoints to find two perspectives for your comparative and rhetorical analysis essays.

Have you searched the library's databases before? If not, then I suggest watching this introductory video first.

How to Search Opposing Viewpoints

The video embedded above shows you how to search for articles from the database Opposing Viewpoints. The link to the database is below.

Other Databases for Your Essays

How to Search Academic Search Complete

The video embedded above shows you how to search Academic Search Complete, which is a database of newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journal articles on a wide variety of topics. The link to that database is right below.

How to Search Issues & Controversies

Issues & Controversies is a database designed to introduce students to controversial issues, especially political and social ones that you may have heard about in the news. If you're writing about one of those topics, it's worthwhile to explore it and learn about the arguments on different sides of a debated topic.

I find that the authors do a fine job of objectively describing the two major sides of these issues. Some of the articles are quite dated, though, so you should check the publication dates of the articles that you find to make sure that they reflect the current state of a controversial issue.

The link to Issues & Controversies is below.


How to Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is using someone else's work and giving the impression that it is yours. This video describes plagiarism in detail and how you can avoid it.

In addition to watching this video, you should look at this brochure about academic integrity from the college. It describes plagiarism and other forms of cheating as defined by the Lone Star College System.

MLA Documentation

How to Cite Your Sources

You must cite your sources according to the MLA style of documentation.

This is our video that introduces MLA documentation. I urge you to watch the entire video carefully before starting to write your paper or annotated bibliography. It is much easier to cite correctly as you go along, rather than try to fix your documentation after you have written your paper.

This is our sample paper. When you're writing a paper, you can model the formatting of your paper after this one. If you are unsure how to set up the formatting in Microsoft Word so that it fits the requirements for MLA formatting, you could instead download this blank Word document that has the formatting already set up for you.

This is our 2-page handout that summarizes the MLA style. It includes most of the types of sources that students commonly use.

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