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EDUC 1300 for Prof. Ball

The purpose of this research guide is to help students in Prof. Ball's International Studies EDUC 1300 class to complete their research project.

Background Research

How Do You Begin Researching Your Country?

Before you delve into the details about your country, such as colleges in Suriname or concepts of time in Yemen, you should learn some background information about your country. For that task, I suggest that you use the database Credo Reference. Above, there's a video that shows you how to use it. Below, there's a link to the database. Type in the name of your country and read some reference book articles about it so that you become familiar with it.

Additionally, you'll probably find that many of your search results include articles about specific aspects of your country, such as the economy or cultural norms.


How Do You Develop Keywords for My Research Topic?

The above video addresses the keywording process--the task of framing your topic into search terms that you can use in the library databases and other information sources. Consider searching for specific aspects of life in your topic country, such as:

  • Thailand and economy
  • Zimbabwe and money
  • Peru and time management
  • China and higher education
  • Hungary and cuisine

Articles from Databases

Database Basics

Now that you have keywords, it's time to search the databases. Have you used the databases before? If you don't have recent experience with our library's databases, then I suggest watching this introductory video.

Databases to Explore

The video embedded above shows you how to search Academic Search Complete, which is a database of magazine, newspaper, and scholarly journal articles on a wide variety of subjects. I suggest searching for all three types of articles published within the past 10 years using your keywords.


Websites to Explore

These websites are particularly useful for exploring the etiquette and cultural norms of different counties.


Information in eBooks

Ebooks are full text books that you access online, rather than in print. We have two ebook databases, one of which is called Ebook Central. The above video tutorial shows you how to search it. There is a link to this ebook database below.

You should try all of your keywords in this database, but I will particularly recommend searching for the etiquette of your country here. There are many books aimed at cultural literacy for business travelers, some of which can be found in this database.

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