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Literary Criticism

Starting Point

Finding literary criticism about particular short stories or poems often takes persistence.  There may not be articles written about each story or poem by an author. You may be able to apply a critic's comments on other works by the same author to your selected work. Check with your professor.


  1. Think about your topic and what are you trying to answer.
    • Who is the author? What is the title of the work or works?
    • What literary elements will you discuss?
      • Style? Theme? Plot? Characters?
      • Symbolism? Tone? Setting?  Point of View?  Irony?
  2. List terms that best represent the main concepts of your topic.

author: Charlotte Perkins Gilman
title of work: Yellow Wallpaper

author: Charlotte Bronte
title of work: 
Jane Eyre
theme: marriage

author: Alice Walker
title of work: Everyday Use
symbol: quilt


Background Sources

Research Strategy

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