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Countries and Cultures

Starting Point

  1. List terms that designate the country, people, language or culture/subculture you are researching, including the broader region where the country is located.
        Mexico, Mexican, Spanish, Mayan, Central America, Latin

  2. Brainstorm terms that express your research interest, going from broad to more specific.
        culture, customs, etiquette, national characteristics, identity,
        gender roles, funeral practices

  3. To search, combine key words from the two groups of terms to represent the main concepts of your topic.

    • Afghanistan and culture or Afghan culture
    • France and national characteristics or French national characteristics
    • Cameroon and marriage
    • punk culture > punk subculture
  4. Use background information and searches to discover related terms and synonyms to define your search strategy.

  5. Look for additional search terms as you go. Each time you use an alternate expression, your results will probably be somewhat different.

Background Sources

Search country name in Credo to find background articles from a variety of reference books.

Research Strategy

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