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Psychology Resources

Starting Point

Search for a topic with these guides:

1. MedlinePlus Mental Health and Behavior Topics

2. STAT!Ref healthcare database. Note: There is a limit to the number of simultaneous users.

Full-text electronic medical textbook and reference book library that includes titles such as Goodwin and Guze's Psychiatric Diagnosis.



  • American Psychological Associationa scientific and professional organization that represents psychologists in the United States. Click on the "Topics" tab for information and news about mental health and psychological issues.
  • American Psychiatric Associationa professional association that represents psychiatrists in the United States. Click on "Patients & Families" in the horizontal bar for information about various disorders.
  • National Institute of Mental Healththe NIH institute concerned with mental health and related issues. Much of the site has information about various diagnoses, disorders, and problems.
  • Association for Psychological Science - a professional organization for psychological study. The site includes suggested topics for student research.


Citation - Brief Guide

Citation Help

  1. Keep track of all of the information and sources you used during your research.
  2. Ask your professor about the required citation style.
  3. Consult the appropriate tab.

Each citation should answer the questions:

  • Who wrote the material you are using?
  • What did the author(s) entitle the piece he/she/they wrote?
  • Where and when was it published (for a book, what city; for an article, which periodical)?
  • If it's an article or a chapter, what pages is your source on?


Video Introduction to APA (7 min)



Formatting a Research Paper in Microsoft Word


Video Introduction to MLA 8 (7 min)




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