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ENGL 1301 - Ethnographic Synthesis (Martin)

Starting Point


  1. Think about your topic and what are you trying to answer.  Terms? People? Organizations? Places? Objects?
  2. List terms that best represent the main concepts of your local community in specific and general terms.
    • your community - specific terms
      St. Edwards Catholic Church in Spring, Texas
    • your community - general terms
      Catholicism and (Spring or Houston or Texas)
    • related terms
      Catholicism; Catholic; religion; church; Christianity; faith; denomination; parishoners; church members; offerings; donations; Roman Catholic; diocese; archdiocese
  3. List issues or terms that may affect your local community.
    • broad: economy
    • narrower: recession; unemployment, mortgage crisis; sub-prime mortages; debt; deficit
    • broad: discrimination
    • narrower: racial discrimination; gender discrimination


Houston News Sources

Local Genealogical Libraries

Oral History Collection


Citation Help

  1. Keep track of all of the information and sources you used during your research.
  2. Ask your professor about the required citation style.
  3. Consult the appropriate tab.

Each citation should answer the questions:

  • Who wrote the material you are using?
  • What did the author(s) entitle the piece he/she/they wrote?
  • Where and when was it published (for a book, what city; for an article, which periodical)?
  • If it's an article or a chapter, what pages is your source on?


Video Introduction to APA (7 min)



Formatting a Research Paper in Microsoft Word


Video Introduction to MLA 8 (7 min)




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